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The iPad’s Future

"And liberation from the password or, more important, from lazy security, isn’t limited to IT-controlled environments. I hear from normal humans that they love the Apple Pay + Touch ID combination for their online shopping, an activity that was previously more convenient on a conventional PC."

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Amazon: it’s not the power, it’s the lost focus

"My point is this. First, this is not the sort of customer service we get from evil monopolies. Second, it is the sort of customer service we get from a company that always puts its customers first. What a shame, therefore, that in the dispute with Hachette, Amazon has chosen another path — away from relentlessness. That’s why we should be upset not appealing to issues of antitrust concerns."

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Just works vs just kinda works


I have been an Apple user and advocate for a long time. Even during the dark days of System 9. I was also a user during the days when we didn’t have a decent internet browser, had to wait for Napster and the days when 3rd party developers didn’t care about our little Macs.

And I have dutifully…