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Open always wins | Asymco

"Why it’s likely is that openness in software makes sense when parts of the stack become commoditized. Google took advantage of the commoditization of operating systems (i.e. Linux) to deliver non-open services on top. However, it’s inevitable that some of those very services will also be commoditized and therefore that the portions of the stack which sustain Google will be forked as well."

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The history of Android: The endless iterations of Google’s mobile OS | Ars Technica

"Google outsourced so many pieces of Android to the Play Store, that version releases are becoming less and less necessary. Google decided the best way to beat carrier and OEM update issues was to sidestep those roadblocks completely. From here on out, there isn’t much left to include in an Android update other than core under-the-hood changes—but even many APIs have been pushed to Google Play Services. If you just look at version releases, it seems like Android development has slowed down from the peak 2.5-month release cycle. But the reality is Google can now continually push out improvements to the Play Store in a never-ending, somewhat subtler stream of updates."

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A message to Eric Schmidt and Android: put up proof of profits or shut up >> TechPinions

"All right, Mr. Schmidt. I’ll do the math. Activations are only part of the equation. The numbers that you keep conveniently not telling us are margins, revenues and profits. Activations without those numbers are meaningless. Market share without those numbers are meaningless. You want us to do the math, Mr. Schmidt? Your numbers – without context – are mathematically meaningless."

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An iPad Lover’s Take On The Nexus 7 | TechCrunch

"To be clear, the product isn’t perfect. But no product is. Yes, that includes Apple products (though the MacBook Air in the pre-retina world was pretty damn close, in my opinion). But with the Nexus 7, Google has, for the first time, created an Android product that I would buy for myself. And I wouldn’t have an issue recommending it to anyone else.

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